Make a Card or PayPal payment NOW, by clicking on the PayPal ‘Buy Now’ icon below.
But ONLY after confirming the booking with our staff.

Normally we would expect customers to make cash, cheque or direct bank account payments to pay for their bookings.  However, particularly for new customers, this online payment option can provide an immediate way of ensuring a confirmed booking is made without having to visit the Centre in advance (payment for casual customer bookings must made no later than 48 hours prior to the booking).

To use this payment facility, please select the appropriate casual booking rate from the drop down menu, which is £37 for standard bookings, and £25 for off-peak (before 6:00pm weekdays, all Saturday, and Sundays after 1:00pm).

Debit or Credit Card Payments

If you are NOT a registered PayPal user, then please select the option towards the bottom right of the PayPal window, clicking on ‘Pay with a Debit or Credit Card’. Follow the instructions to enter your card details, ensuring you add details of your booking including your name, tel number, and time, date and pitch booked, by clicking the ‘Please enter all booking details’ link prior to selecting the ‘Pay now’ button.

Paypal account payments

If you are PayPal customer, then log in to your PayPal account and prior to payment, you will be presented with a window which allows you to enter ‘Special Instructions’. Please click on the highlighted ‘Add’ next to ‘Please enter all your booking details’ entering your name, tel number, and time, date and pitch booked.  This allows us to ensure we reserve your booking correctly.

Pitch booking

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