Coronavirus - Covid-19

Centre Status - March 2021

Dear Customers,

In accordance with the projected roadmap from the Government, from 12th April we will be able to open for Junior clubs. All of our regular clubs will will be contacted. New bookings are welcome and we will be available at weekends for matches & training. We will at this time implement the previous Covid safety guidance (until we are advised otherwise from the FA) and only key personnel are allowed on the pitches; meaning no parents at this time. If this changes we will of course welcome parents into the centre

It is projected we are going to be in the last phase of opening, so we are currently planning to open for adults on 17 May. Again all of our regulars will be contacted - if you see this message and wish to contact us beforehand please do so and we can reserve your regular slot. New bookings are of course welcome and we will fit you in where we can.

Contact details can be found on either the main page or contacts page. Please note that the landline number is infrequently checked at this time, so mobile or email is advised.

With thanks,
The Trustees and Staff of Walton Park Indoor Football Centre.


WPIFC is a charity, run by footballers for footballers



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